Bendigo-based pet transport service

January 28, 2015

At CVR, we know pets are family. Cats and dogs quickly become much-loved family members and life without them simply wouldn’t be the same.

Pets don’t cope with long road trips in the car with the rest of the family – they become tired, hot, dehydrated and can’t sing out when they need a loo stop like the rest of you!

That’s why we provide a pet transport service from our Bendigo HQ for longer moves, including interstate. Your pet will travel comfortably and arrive happy and healthy. We know your furniture and personal belongings are important, but your pets are invaluable. They simply can’t be replaced, and that’s why we take extra care with your beloved furry friends.

You should ensure you have a suitable-sized travel crate for your pet and provide the food they normally eat and a water bowl for them. Because it will be an unfamiliar environment or experience for them, you should endeavour to put their favourite pillow, blanket and/or toy inside the crate so they have familiar scents to comfort them. We will check on them, particularly throughout the longer trips, to make sure they are coping with the travel and still have adequate water.

Our Bendigo pet transport service is handy for people moving a distance where they might need to stop overnight on their way to their new abode. Finding pet-friendly transport isn’t always easy, and there mightn’t be any on the route you’re travelling!

If you need assistance moving your pets next time you move, please contact us.