Removalists in Adelaide can place furniture for you

February 23, 2015

You’ve trekked what seems to be halfway across the nation to your new home, you’re sore and tired and all you want to do is put your feet up and take a break.

But first you have to move all that furniture the removalists have just dumped throughout the house, right?

Wrong! Or at least that’s not the case with Central Victoria Removals, the removalists Adelaide newcomers or departing residents choose when they have to shift.

The team at Central Victoria Removals prides itself on ensuring clients’ furniture is placed precisely where clients want in their new home. We certainly don’t just haul your treasures into the house and leave them for you to lug around into their correct positions.

Not only would leaving heavy furniture for clients to move be lazy from the removalists’ perspective, it would also be irresponsible. Moving furniture requires special techniques and equipment because injury is only one awkward lift away.

Our removalists for Adelaide and other centres receive extensive training in moving heavy furniture and we consider it our responsibility to place your furniture – particularly those large and weighty items – precisely where you want.

Not only does placing you furniture where you want it save you time, it creates peace of mind for us because we know you won’t have hurt yourself. Moving can be stressful enough without adding a back injury or muscle strain to the equation.

Furniture placement is part of the service we provide as removalists, whether you’re arriving or departing from Adelaide, and we won’t leave you in the lurch by dumping heavy furniture in the hallway, where it remains an obstacle until you can find family members of friends – not always easy in a new town – to help you move it.

Central Victoria Removals takes pride in the professionalism of its removalists and we urge you to get in touch to find out how we can make your move as smooth and trouble-free as possible.