The packing service Bendigo movers enjoy

March 26, 2015

What’s the worst part of moving? The packing! Ask anybody who’s moved home or office and they’ll tell you the hardest job wasn’t actually the moving, it was the packing – the packing of precious treasures, of household utilities, of items you’ve forgotten you even owned.

If you’re not used to it, packing can be a painful and protracted exercise which is why we provide a packing service Bendigo residents can use to reduce the workload and ease the stress of their move. In fact, we provide this service to all our customers, anywhere throughout the state.

Our professional packers are old hands at wrapping and packaging household items – from fragile crystal and china, through to crockery, cutlery and clothing.

We’ve all heard the stories about a move that went wrong – items that arrived damaged or broken beyond repair. Our experience is that nine out of 10 times, poor packing was to blame for that damage and breakage and usually it was inadequate packing by the people who own the broken items.

It’s easy to understand why amateurs aren’t up to speed with the finer details and techniques of packing – after all, unless you’re a professional mover there’s no need to be proficient at packing up a house or business for a move. For some people it’s a once-in-a-lifetime exercise.

They mightn’t know wrapping breakables in a few sheets of newspaper or draping a blanket over the TV isn’t really satisfactory and unlikely to provide the protection required for a long-distance move.

But our packers are experts. We pack for a living and using the packing service Bendigo householders and business people have available to them through Central Victoria Removals is the best way to ensure your valuables arrive safe and sound at their new home.

If you’re about to move and can’t face the prospect of packing, or you don’t know where to start, then contact us and inquire about our expert packing service, available in Bendigo and everywhere else we service.