CVR – experts in vehicle transport removals

April 28, 2015

A car is an essential part of many people’s lives – for work, for family and for recreation.

So if you’re preparing to relocate interstate – and have a reputable firm booked to transport your possessions – don’t forget about your car. Consider using vehicle transport removalists to do the job for you and save yourself long hours behind the wheel, possible overnight accommodation costs and a lot of stress.

At Central Victoria Removals, we’re proud of our reputation as quality vehicle transport removalists and offer a professional and affordable service to get your vehicle to its new home in a timely and safe manner.

Perhaps you are a two-car family and don’t want to drive both cars from Victoria to Queensland? Maybe you need to deliver a car to someone thousands of kilometres away and don’t have time to make the drive yourself? Well, we can help.

Sometimes it’s more economical to use professionals to transport your vehicle, saving on petrol and time, and fly to your new destination knowing your car will be delivered in the right time frame and to the correct location.

Central Victoria Removals understands that a car can be vital to people starting life in a new location. From driving to job interviews, commuting to work, taking kids to school, going shopping or simply exploring your new location, having your car with you from the start is a real asset.

Our team works hard to ensure your car gets to its destination in a timely manner. We can co-ordinate its departure date so it reaches your new home as close to your arrival date as possible.

With a wealth of experience in transporting people’s vehicles, we also have a reliable tracking system in place. This means our clients can check where their car is at any given time on its journey.

So if you’re looking for quality vehicle transport removalists, please contact us at Central Victoria Removals. We offer a professional and experienced service at a competitive price.