CVR’s professional house cleaning service

May 21, 2015

Moving house is a tiring process. And knowing you’ve still got to thoroughly clean the residence before you lock the front door for the final time just adds another layer of exhaustion to the experience.

At Central Victoria Removals, our comprehensive house cleaning service can save you time, tears and tantrums. Instead of spending hours armed with a mop, bucket or broom, why not turn that job over to our professional team so you can devote your time to settling into your new home?

Our staff are experienced and efficient spring-cleaning machines. They will carry out work including dusting, vacuuming and moping and will take on all rooms including those hard-to-clean kitchens and bathrooms.

Giving residences – be they houses, flats or apartments – a good clean is vital before new tenants or owners move into recently-vacated premises. Everyone wants a fresh start in their new location. That’s fair enough. So it’s important that windows shine, bathrooms sparkle and floors are clean. And it’s no different when it comes to commercial office spaces too.

While our team is keen to work its cleaning magic across your house, it’s worth noting that some jobs may fall outside our service parameters. Our service does not include rubbish removal or donation of unwanted items that you’ve left behind, gardening or general maintenance tasks such as repairing holes in walls.

Having Central Victoria Removals’ crew clean your home professionally can be a practical option, delivering peace of mind and a quality outcome at a competitive price.

So once that final box is packed, placed on the removals truck and en route to your new location, what do you want to do with your time? Spend hours cleaning, or start the next stage of your life?

Contact us at Central Victoria Removals to find out more about our professional and affordable house cleaning service. It’s just another way we can strip the stress from the relocation process. And it’s well worth considering.