Quality pet transport service in Bendigo

June 25, 2015

Moving house is a stressful experience for people, let alone pets. So when it comes to getting your dog or cat to its new location, consider using our Bendigo pet transport service to make a rocky road that little bit smoother for your four-legged friends and for you.

At Central Victoria Removals we work hard to ensure the pets we transport across Victoria and interstate are comfortable, calm and safe. While we make sure your beloved pet reaches you happy and healthy, there are steps that owners can take to prepare their animals for a road adventure.

Turning the transport crate – their temporary home while in transit – from a thing of fear into the familiar is a key to a stress-free animal on the move. So help your pets along by:

  • Letting them explore the crate before the departure date. You could set it up around the house, with its door open, and let them get used to it.
  • Getting them to sleep in the open crate for a night or two in the comfort of familiar surroundings.
  • Taking them for a small test drive in the crate around the neighbourhood. This is particularly useful for pets that have never been in a confined cage or crate.
  • Adding a much loved toy or blanket to the crate to calm them during the trip. You could even include a piece of your clothing. The familiar scent can help calm a nervous canine or feline traveller.
  • And, just like children before a big car trip, give your pet a good chance to stretch their legs and run off some energy before they get into their transportation crate for relocation.

Our professional team at Central Victoria Removals knows just how important pets are to their owners. They’re members of the family. We get that. And we’ll do everything we can to make sure our delicate cargo reaches the correct destination safely and comfortably.

Contact us at Central Victoria Removals for more information about our pet transport service in Bendigo. We offer an affordable door-to-door service, depending on clients’ individual requirements. We’re experienced, professional and competitively priced and we put your pet’s welfare centre stage.