Experienced interstate removalists

July 31, 2015

Moving is always such a daunting process but it adds extra levels of stress when your destination is another state and you’re taking heavy household items along for the ride. That’s when it’s an investment in practicality and peace of mind to engage the services of experienced interstate removalists.

Carting heavy items such as king beds, big timber bookshelves, dining tables and billiard tables on a trailer to your new destination is just not worth considering for the average person. While lifting them onto your vehicle of choice will probably lead straight to the physio’s door, there’s also hours of driving a heavy load along the highway.

Reputable interstate removalists, such as Central Victoria Removals, are experienced in safely transporting heavy goods to new locations across Australia. They tackle every part of the journey with care, from the way they lift and manoeuvre furniture from your home and onto the truck, to their approach to long-haul driving and unloading.

That’s what we do at Central Victoria Removals. And we know those interstate highways well. We’ve clocked up┬ámore than nine years carrying out successful interstate removalists work, driving to cities including Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra and major towns.

Our team offers a quality, timely service at an affordable price. We’re experts when it comes to moving large specialty items such as pianos and we can also transport your vehicles to their new home interstate too.

Our work with clients involves more than a truck at your door. Our professional team can help from the planning stage, to the packing and unpacking process. We’re here to make it a smooth move for our clients. And we’re passionate about achieving that goal.

So if you are after interstate removalists to make your relocation easier, please contact us at Central Victoria Removals. Whether you have one item to move or a household, we’ll be proud to help.