Your quality vehicle relocation removalists

August 26, 2015

As expert vehicle relocation removalists, we’ve transported vehicles from golf carts to grand tourers to their new homes across Australia for years.

But while our vehicle cargo is diverse, there are always constants whenever Central Victoria Removals takes on the job. And those constants are professional service, safe delivery and competitive prices.

Our crew will carefully transport motorbikes, four-wheel buggies, golf carts and minivans. And, of course, we’ve delivered countless cars to locations the length and breadth of Victoria and interstate too.

Often vehicles are initially overlooked by people planning a major move. It’s all about the household items in that first rush of excitement. But then the questions start. How does the mad-keen golfer get their golf cart to Queensland to continue their love affair with the fairways in comfort? What about the trusty quad bike or the classic car you’ve `almost’ restored? They are essential items and they can’t be left behind. Or perhaps you’ve got a vehicle you need to deliver to someone interstate and can’t afford the time to drive it there yourself.

So turn to Central Victoria Removals for the solution. We’ve been successfully relocating vehicles of all shapes, sizes, colours and horsepower for years and are committed to providing a quality service that ensures your precious vehicle reaches its new location safely. That’s what our clients deserve. And that’s what we deliver as experienced vehicle relocation removalists.

For those long moves interstate, it’s also reassuring to know you can keep an eye on your vehicle’s progress through our reliable tracking system.

If you are after quality vehicle relocation removalists for your bike, buggy or batmobile, please contact us at Central Victoria Removals. We will provide specific advice about your vehicle to ensure its journey is safe and secure.