House cleaning service provides festive cheer

December 22, 2015

Moving house over the Christmas and New Year period is akin to adding an extra layer of stress to an already stressful time. Your `to do’ list includes attending to Kris Kringle gifts and Christmas parties while packing a lifetime of possessions into cartons for the big move. And all you really want for Christmas is a trusted house cleaning service to make your old premises gleam after you vacate.

Let’s face it – cleaning a house is not much fun at the best of times. Cleaning a house, from top to bottom, when you’re under pressure and not even going to be around to enjoy the fruits of your labour is even less enjoyable. So why put yourself through it? It’s time to cut yourself some festive season slack, call in the professionals from Central Victoria Removals and take advantage of our quality house cleaning service.

That means you can devote more time to other important matters. If you’re relocating a fair distance, even interstate, getting our cleaners in means you’ll have extra time to spend with family and friends before you leave. And wouldn’t you rather share a coffee or beer with a mate than scrub skirting boards, clean the base of a shower and mop floors? The answer’s just got to be a resounding `yes’.

At Central Victoria Removals, our professional cleaners will leave your old abode in sparkling condition for its next residents. All you have to do is pack up, move out and leave the rest to us. We’ll take care of the carpets, walls, windows, kitchens and bathrooms for you. You won’t have to wield a broom or work a vacuum cleaner. Instead you’ll be able to start planning the next stage of your life in your new location, secure in the knowledge that your old home will be cleaned to a professional standard by our experienced crew.

While our cleaning service is comprehensive and cost-effective, it is worth noting that there are a few tasks we don’t tackle including gardening and rubbish removal.

So while you’re working through your long list of chores for the coming weeks, contact us at Central Victoria Removals to book our quality house cleaning service so you can place a big bold tick beside that dreaded task. And then you can breathe a little easier.