Expert furniture removalists in Bendigo

January 29, 2016

Contact CVR for a quality, lifting experience.

Wrestling bulky furniture into place by yourself after the stress of moving house can be the last straw. But it’s a situation you won’t face with professional furniture removalists from Bendigo on the job.

At Central Victoria Removals, we won’t leave you in the lurch after unloading’s complete. We take pride in our work and we care about the placement of furniture at your new destination. Yes, that’s right. We care. And we won’t leave you to shift the antique dining table alone or fight with the sofa. We’ll be there, moving them into place for you.

After more than 40 years as the furniture removalists Bendigo clients trust, you can rest assured that we’re not one of those companies who dump all your furniture in the hallway or front rooms of your new house and run. We won’t leave you to figure out how you’re going to lift and lug it around the house or up the stairs.

That’s not the way we work. That’s not the way to keep clients happy. And if there’s one thing we love, it’s a happy client.

Because we’re an experienced team, we know all about the safest way to lift heavy furniture. We also have specialist equipment to help us get your furniture just where you want it. From pianos to armchairs, book cases to billiard tables, we’ll have it in its correct position before you farewell us out your new front door.

That’s one of the reasons it pays to hire professional furniture removalists for your Bendigo move. The word `professional’ says it all. It’s all about efficiency, experience, customer service and quality, all wrapped up in a competitive price. We also offer full packing and unpacking services for people relocating to a new destination.

So if the thought of fighting furniture into place after a hectic move sends shudders down your spine, give yourself some peace of mind and contact us at Central Victoria Removals. As expert furniture removalists, we pride ourselves on ensuring all the heavy lifting and moving is completed at your destination. And that’s got to be great news for clients.