Moving tips from quality interstate removalists

February 27, 2016

Moving house is a tricky business and it becomes even more complicated when you relocate across states or from one side of the country to the other.

As expert interstate removalists, our team at Central Victoria Removals has a wealth of experience in making the process simple for our customers. We want your relocation experience to be as stress free as possible and we’re happy to share tips to make that happen.


It’s a simple word that packs a powerful punch and it’s crucial when it comes to successful interstate relocations. Select a trusted removalist company, create a comprehensive inventory of your household goods for them and consider factors including insurance. Don’t overlook jobs such as dealing with utility companies to arange service disconnection, redirecting mail and alerting necessary organisations to your change of address. Consider booking professionals to clean the house once it’s empty. And don’t forget your pets – you’ll need to work out their transportation too, whether it’s with you or with professional pet transporters. It’s also worth teeing up a friend or family member in advance to look after your kids on moving day.


Work out whether you are going to do it yourself or call in the experts. If you are going solo, allow adequate time and stick to your timetable. Use quality cartons, label them and don’t overload. Wrap items such as china, glassware, mirrors, paintings and records carefully before packing. When it comes to packing electrical goods, check the manual or dealer for information and secure leads and accessories with them. The entire packing process is actually a great opportunity to declutter.

As trusted interstate removalists, we offer a comprehensive packing service that strips away a huge amount of stress for those preparing to relocate. Our professional packers deliver a quality service can save you hours of time.

Moving day

Don’t fill your day with other commitments because moving out of your home takes time. Have everything packed and ready for the removalists. Make sure you have a bag of essentials for the trip interstate, including essential papers, and don’t forget to eat and drink during the hectic day. Carry out a final inspection and check that all windows and doors are secure when you leave.


Have someone on hand to meet the removalists at your new location and have a plan for furniture placement. Many clients turn to Central Victoria Removals’ unpacking service after an interstate relocation. Our staff are efficient and professional, ensuring all items are handled carefully.

Specialty items

If you have antique furniture, a piano, a billiards table or other specialty items that will make the trip to your new home, seek advice about their packing and care. These sort of items are best left in the hands of professional interstate removalists who have the experience and equipment to safely handle and transport them. You need to advise your movers of specialty items in advance. They should be clearly marked on your initial household inventory.

As experienced interstate removalists, the team at Central Victoria Removals can make your relocation interstate a smooth one, leaving you to get on with the exciting task of discovering your new home and surrounds. Please contact us if we can help with your move.