Storage in Bendigo for temporary relocations

March 28, 2016

If you are temporarily relocating, the thought of moving all your possessions for a short-term stay is nothing short of a nightmare. So forgo the fuss and take advantage of our storage facility in Bendigo.

Central Victoria Removals’ quality storage option is the perfect solution when it comes to finding a safe, secure `home away from home’ for your belongings. We understand these items are important to you – that’s why you’re looking for a secure place to put them – and we reckon our storage facility is just the thing you’re after.

Located at our central depot, our specialised storage space can cater for a wide range of goods, no matter the size, shape and volume of items you need to store.

And because those belongings are precious to you, we’re committed to housing them in style for as long as you need, be it weeks, months or longer. That’s why our storage comes complete with a sophisticated, fully-monitored security system as well as regular electrical, plumbing and pest management systems to ensure they remain in tip-top condition. It’s all about safety, security and flexibility. And it’s all delivered at a competitive price.

So whether you’ve got an antique grandfather clock, a motorbike or a house of furniture that needs a temporary home, Central Victoria Removals has the answer for you. We provide storage Bendigo clients and those further afield rely on for their precious items and we can do the same for you. Clients can make the experience even easier by using our professional crew of removalists to transport their goods to our facility.

Because our storage facility is an easy drive from other regional centres and even the state capital, it’s also a quality storage option for people outside Bendigo.

When the time comes to make a temporary move to a new location don’t despair at the thought of having to shift then re-shift your possessions. Just don’t do it. Be practical instead and turn to Central Victoria Removals for storage in Bendigo. Please contact us to find out more about our great storage solutions.