Packing and unpacking service, Bendigo

A packing and unpacking service can make your interstate move so much easier and at Central Victoria Removals our trained, competent and friendly house packers help protect and secure your house or office contents when moving to new premises.

Pre-packing service, Bendigo

Our removal pre-pack service includes boxes, tape, paper and plastics to protect your furniture during your house or office removal. Paying for our affordable packing service allows you more time to prepare for your relocation and organise setting up in your new location.

Some clients elect for our team of specialists to perform all packing tasks. However, if packing your own items please consider the following hints:

  • Bedding and blankets: Pack firmly in cartons and include moth balls, naphthalene flakes, etc. if being stored for a lengthy period.
  • Pictures and mirrors: Wrap blankets tightly around each item individually and insert into a flattened carton.
  • China and glassware: To protect each piece, wrap in paper. You will need to pack in strong boxes and stand plates on end.
  • Electrical goods: We recommended you check with the instruction manual or dealer. Many refrigerators, washers, televisions and sound systems can be removed safely without preparation. Padded covers are provided by us.
  • Rugs: Leave on floor. We will roll and pack them for you. If you are placing rugs in storage it is advisable to shampoo them.
  • Clothing and linen: Porta-robes are available for your hanging garments. Jumpers and various linen pieces are best packed into cartons. If stored for a period of time, insert appropriate pesticide repellents.
  • Books, records and wine: We are able to provide cartons specially designed for packing these items. To protect each item, wrap individually.
  • Kitchenware and groceries: Place heaviest items on the bottom of thick cardboard cartons. For safety purposes, combustible items and food stuffs are not to be stored or transported. If packing your own boxes follow these guidelines. Books and other heavy items should only be packed in sturdy cartons, approximately the same size as archive cartons (30cm x 30cm x 45cm).
  • General items: Tea chest size cartons can be used for most other items. Spread the weight and fill the carton to the top even if crushed paper is used to top up the carton. This will ensure the carton will not collapse.

Bendigo unpacking service

If there is one task that will dampen the excitement and enthusiasm of arriving at your new home, it is the prospect of unpacking all your household goods. Fortunately, it’s a task you don’t necessarily have to ensure. Central Victoria Removals in Bendigo offers an unpacking service for its clients. We will work with you to carefully unpack your property and locate it accordingly. Make sure you talk to us about our unpacking service and get maximum enjoyment from arriving at your new home.

Contact Central Victoria Removals for more information on our pre-packing and unpacking service. We also provide a professional interstate removalist house cleaning service as well as furniture storage at our Bendigo storage facility.